30 Oct 2018
The Future of International Investment Dispute Resolution: the EU Proposal for a Multilateral Investment Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union’s Recent Judgment in Achmea

Time : 18:30-20:00

We are honoured to have Judge Christopher Vajda of the European Court of Justice to speak on various issues concerning the recent clamour for reform in relation to the investor-state dispute resolution system. In the well-attended lecture, the Judge briefed participants on recent developments in this area, seen in particular through European eyes. For example, there is ECJ’s recent judgment in Achmea, where dispute resolution via arbitration in intra-EU BITs was disapproved based on the concept of autonomy of the EU Courts. There are also the recent proposals by the European Union to replace arbitration with an Investment Court system, starting with the CETA treaty with its suggested bi-lateral investment Court – although the validity itself is currently the subject of challenge before the ECJ.